Forest Series

screenprints, 2018 - 2020

“Tiny Forest” 
38 cm x 19 cm
Varied edition of 16.

“Found in the Forest”
19 x 16 cm
Varied edition of 23.

“Forest Wildlife”
45 x 38 cm
Varied edition of 20.

76 x 64 cm
Varied edition of 5

All are screenprinted by hand onto Zerkall Crème 250 gsm paper.

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These screenprints are part of an ongoing forest-themed series. I created tree-shapes from many, many drawings that I did in forests and parks, and turned them into half-tone dot-screen shapes to expose onto my silkscreen. I also made many drawings of wildlife that lives in the forest and selected some to represent the plethora of species - flowers, fungi, insects, birds and mammals, all hosted by the trees and interacting with them in a complex interdependent eco-system. Each print is created by hand-printing these trees and animals individually onto the paper at random, thus creating endless combinations and permutations, representing the infinite variety and diversity that these beautiful and fascinating environments hold.

Forests are truly fascinating eco-systems: a forest is far more than the sum of its trees. The trees interact with other species and with each other in ways we are only slowly beginning to understand and appreciate. Even the managed forests of the temperate mid-European countries I am most familiar with can hold a stunning amount of biodiversity and support many forms of life. A truly wild and mature forest is capable of shaping its environment to suit its needs: gradually creating its own ground, making its own weather and having environmental impacts far beyond its physical borders.

Even without the growing awareness of the need to restore and nurture our forest environments for their help in mitigating the impacts of climate change and biodiversity loss, our woodlands are and have always been life-support systems for us: places that can give us food and shelter, and teach us of survival, balance, discovery and beauty.

Screenprinting was the ideal medium for this project: the speed of the process allowed me to make spontaneous decisions and individual choices for each print, and I loved combining the punchy graphic language of the dot-screen tree-shapes and the softer painterly illustrative style for the animals and flowers. The layering of the half-tone dot-screen tree shapes gives the impression of the layers of foliage, while remaining true to printmaking form and creating a curious moiré effect where overlapping. Some of the birds and flowers were printed blending ink colours in a monoprinting process. Each print both demanded and allowed using the full creative range of screenprinting techniques. I was working in a much more immediate, spontaneous and creative manner than when printing editions of the same image, and I found the process stimulating and immensely satisfying.

The prints come in several varied editions of different size and format, though each one individual and unlike another:

“Tiny Forest” (trees only), 38 cm x 19 cm. Varied edition of 16.

“Found in the Forest” (plants & animals only, no trees), 19 x 16 cm. Varied edition of 23.

“Forest Wildlife”, 45 x 38 cm. Varied edition of 20.

“Wildwoods”, 76 x 64 cm (full sheet) Varied edition of 5.

All are screenprinted by hand onto Zerkall Crème 250 gsm paper.

I also created an Artist’s Book, “A Walk in the Woods” and a collection of deluxe greetings cards.

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