The Eichstätt Residency

At the 2014 Society of Scottish Artists 117th Annual Open Exhibition I was awarded the Lithography Residency Prize, which gave me an artist’s residency at the Lithografiewerkstatt Eichstätt in Germany, run by Li Portenlänger. I went to Eichstätt in July 2015, and spent two weeks working in the lithography studio as well as visiting the Sollnhofn and Maxberg quarries and the Jura Museum in Eichstätt. The residency culminated in a two-week solo exhibition, “Marginalia”, showing works made during the residency as well as earlier work brought from Scotland.

During this residency I focused on making the unique lithographic limestone stone itself visible, and drew vignettes from my stay in Eichstätt onto broken stone fragments. Li Portenlänger expertly helped me print the edges of the stone and her advice and hospitality were invaluable.
Finding the Green Man

lithograph with 2 stone fragments
38 x 64 cm
limited edition of 3

This print is made from two stones, Am Frauenberg and Sad Green Man, double-printed and layered.
Am Frauenberg

lithograph on stone fragment,
50 x 45 cm

limited edition of 12

lithograph on stone fragment,
38 x 30 cm

limited edition of 7

Drawn after an encounter with the rare Apollo butterfly (Parnassius Apolllo) that lives in the abandoned quarries due to the montaine vegetation. It has a distinct drunken, tumbling sort of flight, unlike the smaller butterflies.

lithograph with 2 stone fragments,
21 x 38 cm

limited edition of 5

The title comes from a term used by lithographic stone masons in the quarries in Germany. "Kalkspatzen" (chalk sparrows) are specks of white in a lithographic limestone, which will not print and therefore present a flaw in the stone.
Sad Green Man

lithograph on stone fragment,
38 x 21 cm

limited edition of 6

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