The Winter Journey

risograph artist’s book, 2020

15 x 10.5 cm (folded)
42 x 21 cm (unfolded)

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This artist's book is an illustrated homage to "The Worst Journey in the World", as recounted by Apsley Cherry-Garrard in 1922. Part of the 1910-1913 British Antarctic Expedition and Captain Scott's expedition to the South Pole, the Winter Journey was a scientific expedition to collect some eggs of the Emperor Penguins, which hatch their eggs on the sea-ice in the middle of the polar winter. The three explorers endured unimaginable hardship during their five week trip, their clothes froze into armour on their bodies, their teeth cracked with cold, and their tent blew away in a blizzard. Nevertheless, they returned with 3 penguin eggs for Science. It is a truly fascinating tale.
This artist's book takes the shape of an A6-size folded zine with a folding cover. There is always something for you to discover while turning and unfolding, and the inner pages fold out to an A3 size image that looks like a game board - though the actual game might be excruciatingly slow to play, emulating the ordeals endures by the explorers. While inspired by Herbert Ponting's beautiful photographs of the expedition (some Antarctica nerds might recognise some imagery!), my drawings combine watercolour pencil illustrations with textures achieved in cyanotype as well as digital imaging.
The book itself takes you on a visual journey of "the weirdest bird's-nesting expedition that ever was" and is a tribute to fellowship, endurance and true companionship.