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Hi, I’m Catherine and I’m an illustrator currently based in Belgium. My illustration work builds on my printmaking practise and printmaking techniques strongly influence how I construct my images. Much of my current work is made with my own risograph machine.

I’m a person of many places, and my multilingual upbringing is reflected in the manifold influences in my work. My illustrations encompass themes from folklore and magic to music, history and observations of everyday life, pulling together seemingly random elements to create work that is sometimes funny, sometimes mysterious, but always thoughtful and positive.

I love making illustrations in many forms - from limited edition prints to applied formats such as stationery, greeting cards, accessories and patterns. I’ve made commissions from wedding invitations and spot illustrations to band posters - if you’re interested in working with me I’d love to hear from you!
from “N’Importe Quoi”, digitally printed zine


For commissions and retail enquiries, please email me: c.a.hiley@gmail.com

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Red Door Gallery, UK
Typewronger Books, UK

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