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Hello! I’m a British/Canadian illustrator based in Belgium. Inspired by folklore, music and history, I create lively character-based images and patterns. My versatile hand-carved characters populate illustrated goods from prints to artist books to textiles. I aim for a playful and dynamic simplicity and directness in my work, both in technique and appearance.

After studying art in London, Berlin and Vancouver, I worked for many years at Edinburgh Printmakers as tutor and technician before moving to the Belgian Ardennes, where I now work as a freelance illustrator and run the risograph studio riso des bois with my partner Cé Simonis.

You can view my full CV here.
hand-carved stamps by c.a.hiley


For commissions and retail enquiries, please email me:


follow: ︎ @c.a.hiley


Moirés, Bruxelles, Belgium
Le Comptoir du Livre, Liège, Belgium
Typewronger Books, Edinburgh, UK
Red Door Gallery, Edinburgh, UK
Gallery TEN, Edinburgh, UK
Gnash! Comics, Ashburton, UK
Neurotitan, Berlin, Germany
Weilensee, Berlin, Germany
Silver Sprocket, San Francisco, USA


My online shop is hosted by SumUp︎︎︎where you can buy a selection of my original prints, artist books and riso illustrations.

︎︎︎ you can also try one of my lovely stockists near you!

︎︎︎or check my news page to see if I’m at any fairs & markets near you soon!
I am a member of Productions Associées (SMart), an artists’ cooperative that handles my accounts, tax and contracts:
Activity n°30850 at Productions Associées, 72 rue Coenraets, 1060 Bruxelles, Belgium. VAT/TVA: BE 0896.755.397

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